2017 Sunglasses Trends

2017 Sunglasses Trends

Must item for spring & summer season with sunshine, Sunglasses!

Today, we are going to find out 2017 Hot Sunglasses Trends 
which will provide you a chic eye protection
and complete your style.


2017 Sunglasses Trends,
Circle Frame Sunglasses

Sunglasses with perfect circle frames will give you some unique attractions
depending on their materials & sizes.

Circle frame sunglasses for 2017 summer come in dark lenses or light
and you will be able to see these from many top designer brands.



Sunglasses with small metal materials
will give some hippie styles,


And big size plastic material
will enable you to have retro mood.


2017 Sunglasses Trends,
Over-sized Sunglasses

Over-sized Sunglasses will be still rocking for 2017.
This has been continuously in vogue,
so if you are enjoying over-sized sunglasses this should be your choice.


For 2017, Retro Style Square Frames are the ones!


Over-sized, big enough to cover your eyebrow & cheekbone.


2017 Sunglasses Trends,
Catty Cats 

If you have a long face and you want to somewhat cover it,
then catty cats sunglasses will be the one for you!


This will not only cover your long face,
but also provides a chic feminine look.


With various color lenses & design for 2017 S/S season,
create your own hot style.

Looking forward to seeing you again with the next post!

– Cielo by Christine –


How to have a quick 5 minutes make-up

“How to have a quick 5 minutes make-up”


Hey Babe, I am just right in front of your house,
I missed you. Please come out” 

Have you received a surprising phone call from your boyfriend?



Can be annoying as he didn’t tell you first,
but you cannot let him wait forever!

In case you have to meet someone urgently,
or you have to go to work or school but woke up late,

I am going to let you know how to have a quick 5 minutes make-up

Don’t worry!!



Here is the tip for a Quick Make-up in 5 Minutes for you!

Even for your boyfriend’s surprising appearance,
now you can confidently go out to see him!


1. Skin Care 

Even for a quick make-up,
you cannot ignore skin care step.


I know you are in hurry, but wash out your face quickly
and apply basic skin care products.

Don’t worry using a cotton pad to apply toner,
just put some on your palm and apply on your face softly.

Then finish up with a moisturizer.


2. Foundation 

Before the moisturizer dried up, apply the foundation.

It will be smoothly absorbed into your skin
with the moist from the moisturizer.

If you are the one who normally uses dry texture,
you can save the time with the smooth application.

Even though you are not using a brush,
you will have a natural look as it will be lightly applied.


3. Eye Make-up 

Please do not pass eye brow & eyelashes make-up
even if this is for a quick make-up.

Eyebrow will significantly affect your impression
so don’t leave them empty.

And your eyes are the window of your heart,
so don’t let your eyelashes hide them.



Fill in only empy area along with the eyebrow line.

If you don’t want them crumpled or too strong,
then use a pencil type.

Then finish up with an eyelash curler!



4. Lip Make-up

Lips are very important for your vital look!

If you go out with fair lips,
you will be asked if you are sick.

Use lipstick or tint but do not fill your lips full,
but do a gradation technique to have a natural look.



A 5minutes Quick Make-up!

Use this tip when you don’t have time but still want to look gorgeous!


Looking forward to seeing you again with the next post!

– Cielo by Christine –